Nature as Muse

We believe sustainability is natural.

Our vision is to foster a regenerative future and rejuvenate the wilds of the world by looking to the wisdom of nature as inspiration for everything we do. By looking to nature as muse, we believe we can heal ourselves and heal the world.

Wild Mary Logo

Inspired by Rosemary, Grounded in Tradition + Advanced by Technology

Evergreen Beauty

A holistic, mindful approach to sustainability guided by the wisdom of nature.

Our Seeds

We source organic ingredients to ensure the purity of our botanical extracts and to support regenerative farming practices. 

Our Ingredients

We use the purest and most effective botanical ingredients free from GMO's and synthetic chemicals.

Our Packaging

We use recyclable violet glass bottles to reduce landfill waste and support our sustainability efforts.

Our Activism

We support wildlife conservation and the revitalization of the oceans through Mission Blue.

Our Ongoing Efforts

We plan to incorporate more post-consumer recyclable content in our packaging and offer recyclable refill bottles.

From Wild Mary, with Love

We make next-generation botanical elixirs that are rejuvenating for your skin and the planet. 

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